Kiss Falscara

About Kiss Falscara

The Kiss designed Kiss Falscara Lashes as an alternative to individual salon-style lashes. Kiss Falscara lashes are designed to be as loud or discreet as you need them to be. Falscara refers to the lash fans or clusters designed to go under your natural lashes without a visible band.

The Kiss Falscara range aims to offer a salon-worthy product you can apply at home. The Falscara range is not limited to lashes; you can buy Falscara Overnighter, a product designed to extend the life of your lash extensions, along with a remover and lash glue.

Kiss Falscara hit the market in early 2020 and has become a Kiss go-to product since then. The Kiss Falscara initial marketing campaign uses Meredith Duxbury to promote the product with her 2 million Insta and over 15 million TikTok followers.

Meredith and Falscara are so famous that Kiss Falscara products are often sold out. If you want to try the product, start with a Kiss Falscara kit and graduate to Kiss Falscara ‚ÄĒ Extra Drama Wisps Multipack.

Not to be outdone, Renny Vasquez and Jamie Greenburg (both celebrity MUAs) love Kiss Falscara lashes because the new under lash concept is so natural. They agree that underlashing is tricker than overlashing, but once you have the knack Falscara is the way forward.

Here are a few things you should know about Kiss Falscara…

How to apply Kiss Falscara Lashes

The number one tip ‚ÄĒ always apply fake lashes to clean eyelids, and from there, the rest is plain sailing (relatively).

  1. Apply the Falscara BOND directly to the lashes and wait for a few seconds before applying the lashes to the lash line.
  2. Start on the outer edge, apply each section under your natural lashes, and keep going until you get to the inner eye and the desired effect.
  3. Once the lashes are in place, apply the SEAL. The Falscara Seal finishes the effect and keeps the lashes in place.

You need a slightly different hand action when applying these Kiss lashes, which differs from the Kiss strip lash application. The movement is more about pushing upwards while looking upwards. If you’re using the Kiss Falscara applicator tool, make sure you clean it between clusters to prevent a messy finish.

Can you sleep with Kiss Falscara?

You CAN sleep in your Falscaras; they are designed to be just like salon-applied individual lashes or lash extensions. You must not dislodge them by sleeping on your back or wearing a lash-protecting sleep mask.

How long does Kiss Falscara last?

If you look after your lashes, a complete set of Kiss Falscara lashes can last up to 2 weeks before you either replace the entire set or infill the ones that remain intact. The good news is that Kiss Falscara ‚ÄĒ Overnighter can extend your wear up to an additional ten days.

We have quoted the maximum use dates, but to ensure you get the full wearing power, you must look after your Falscara lashes by keeping them clean, never pulling or tugging them. Try to keep your hands away from your eyes as much as possible.

When you want to remove them, use the specially designed Kiss Falscara ‚ÄĒ Remover. The remover works well with the lashes and removes them without mess or fuss.

Are Kiss Falscara Lashes reusable?

Yes, Kiss Falscara lashes are reusable. You can reuse them up to three times (with care). That’s six weeks of lovely lashes, and add another month if you use the Overnighter formula as well.

How to care for your Kiss Falscara Lashes

While wearing your lashes, you must clean them properly with an oil-free cleanser every night. We know sometimes you’re so tired all you want to do is sleep, but a few minutes of prep can extend the life of your lashes.

Wipe off any mascara or makeup and brush them through with a clean mascara wand or spoolie brush. Do this again in the morning before you apply fresh makeup. Now is a great time to see if any clusters are loose, and if they are, pop them back in place and seal them.

Should you decide to take a break from your lashes, clean them and air dry the lashes before placing them in a clean airtight, dust-free container. Do this, and they will be ready to reapply when you’re ready to wear them again.

In what size are Kiss Falscara Lashes available?

Kiss Falscara lashes come in all sizes with names depicting lengths and styles. A starter pack is an obvious choice for a newbie, but then you can move to Bambi’s (small and cute) or a Shorty Wisp Multi pack for a natural-looking extension.

From there, you can choose length or wisps to suit your style. You know you‚Äôre paying with the big boys (or girls) when you graduate to the Kiss Falscara ‚ÄĒ So X-Tra Wisps Multipack, X-Tra drama, X-Tra choice, what‚Äôs not to love?

Does Falscara ruin your natural lashes?

No, with care Kiss Falscara lashes sit under your natural lashes and not on top of them so that they won’t cause any damage. Any brand of false eyelashes that uses chemicals in glue or a bond has the potential to damage your natural lashes.

Kiss Falscara is no better or worse than any other lash extension product and is, according to our makeup expert, slightly better for your natural lashes than a salon-applied lash extension.

Use the Kiss Falscara lash tool

Because we know this particular lash is not child’s play (children should not play with lashes, that’s what playdoh is for), using a tool can help, and the tool, as mentioned earlier, is designed to make underlashing easy.

We adore the Kiss Falsara range of innovative lashes and are sure you will too.