DUO Lash Glue

About DUO Lash Glue

Ask any makeup artist, and they will tell you Duo make the best lash glue. Duo Lash Glue has been doing the business for over 60 years. Yes, you heard right, 60 years, that the 60s — the 1960s. The era of the mini skirt and massive false eyelashes.

You can thank Twiggy, Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor and Aretha Franklin for the look that marked the decade, and Duo Lash Glue was there to support their look and keep their lashes in place.

While Duo may not have been the exact lash glue used, it was prominent in the 60s, so there’s a good chance MUAs of the time used Duo eyelash adhesive to keep false lashes in place. Today, Duo eyelash glue is as relevant as it's ever been.

Guess what? Duo is owned by our old friends American International Industries. AII (American International Industries) own Ardell Nails and Lashes, so it’s only fitting that Duo shares the limelight with these sister companies.

Knomark originally owned Duo eyelash glue and then famously Revlon. Revlon pushed this one-time product onto the high street to be bought out by AII. The rest, as they say, is history and what a history Duo have!

How long does Duo lash glue last?

History is one thing, but we want to know how long Duo lash glue lasts.

Duo individual lash glue will stay in place for up to 2 weeks before you need to reapply. While Duo lash glue is harmless, all glues contain chemicals, so it’s a good idea to have a break from your false lashes and give your eyelids a chance to breathe.

We say two weeks, but results vary, person to person. If you follow the Duo lash glue instructions, you will get the most out of your product.

Is Duo eyelash glue good for sensitive eyes?

Duo lash glue is hypoallergenic, so it’s unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. The glue is latex-free and eyelid friendly. However, any lash glue could cause a problem if overused, so a patch test is recommended.

How to patch test Duo eyelash glue:

You carry out a patch test like this…

  1. Put a small amount of lash glue on a cotton bud.
  2. Place a spot or dot of glue on the cotton bud behind your ear or inside your elbow — in the crease of your arm.
  3. Wait 24 hours, although the results will show up sooner if you’re allergic or sensitive to the glue.

If there’s no adverse reaction, then you’re good to go! If you have an allergic reaction remove the glue from the skin with an oil-based remover and wash the area thoroughly. You may need to take an oral antihistamine. However, extreme reactions like this are rare.

How to remove Duo lash glue

When it’s time you remove your false eyelashes and give your eyelids a break, you need to know how to do this quickly, with as little mess as possible, so here’s our foolproof guide for taking off your Duo lash glue.

  • Soak a cotton pad or reusable cloth (no lint) in some adhesive or oil-based makeup remover.
  • Put the soaked pad on the eyelid and apply gentle pressure.
  • Saturate the lashes to break down the glue’s adhesive effect.
  • Use a gentle motion to wipe away stubborn lash glue remnants.
  • Repeat as needed.

Removing the lash glue is also a way you can extend the life of your false lashes.

Can you use Duo lash glue for individual lashes?

Duo makes a specialist glue for individual lashes. DUO Individual Lash Adhesive Clear Tone and Dark Tone are great products designed to secure individual lashes for up to 2 weeks.


Duo has a lash adhesive for everyone; each glue comes in different tones to accommodate skin tones and lash colours. You can depend on Duo to keep your individual or strip lashes in place. Job done!