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About Kiss Lashes

Kiss Lashes started life in the USA in 1989 as a company that made false nails. Sung Y Chang, John Chang and Won S Kang created a start-up in New York to create unique artificial nails for an increasingly hungry market.

The false nails were so popular (and still are) that the company branched into false eyelashes to complete beautifying. Their mission statement says, ‚ÄúWe make the everyday more beautiful for everyone.‚ÄĚ We agree, Kiss Lashes are stunning and are a requirement in every MUAs makeup bag.

Kiss lashes and Kiss lash glue is a staple of every makeup bag, from humble beginnings to one of the most popular brands available today. Kiss commits to its products’ ethics, integrity, and excellence; you can’t get better than that!

Kiss Lashes are definitely influenced by the glam look of the late 80s; Kiss Lash Falscara and Kiss Lash Couture are dramatic yet classic, while the natural wispy range gives you girl-next-door vibes. Influenced by one of the significant periods in makeup yet so up to date it hurts ‚ÄĒ We love Kiss!

Are Kiss Lashes cruelty-free?

We are constantly asked about Kiss’s cruelty-free lashes and are pleased to say Kiss is a cruelty-free brand.

You can rest easy knowing that Kiss does NOT test on animals; their lashes are cruelty-free, and backs up this claim. So animals and lash fans can go about their business knowing these lashes do not harm any living thing!

To be cruelty-free, you must not test on animals; to go one step further, your products should be vegan too. In the lash world, being vegan means, you don’t use any product in manufacturing or producing false lashes derived from animals. This begs the question…

Are Kiss Lashes synthetic?

Yes, Kiss makes its lashes from synthetic materials. Synthetic materials include polished nylon fibres or other (sometimes recycled) plastic materials in the composition of their lashes. So Kiss lashes are vegan and cruelty-free.

No matter which style of lash you buy, Kiss Individual Lashes, Kiss Magnetic Lashes or Kiss Press-on Lashes, you can rest assured no bunnies have been harmed in the leap from manufacture to your makeup bag. The double whammy has to be a win-win for false lash fans.

Are Kiss Lashes reusable?

In this recyclable era, we need to know that our lashes are reusable, and you will be pleased to know that Kiss Lashes are reusable. If you take care of your lashes, then you can reuse them. Taking care means not sleeping in your Kiss press-on false lashes or mistreating them.

If you put them on and take them off carefully, always clean them, remove any adhesive, and store them once cleaned in a dustproof box. You can reuse your Kiss false magnetic lashes up to an impressive 50 times ‚ÄĒ 50 times; I hear you say!

Yes, Kiss says if you look after your magnetic lashes, you can keep reusing them. Fantastic, we say. Kiss Falscara lashes have a much shorter life span (3-5 wears). Here’s some more good news…. Kiss Lash Couture, lash extensions with individual clusters can stay in place for up to 2 weeks. Happy days!

The different styles of Kiss Lashes last different lengths of time, so when selecting your false lashes, it’s worth considering your lifestyle and requirements before purchasing them.

How long does Kiss lash glue last?

Kiss lash glue is an excellent product, hardwearing, resilient, yet easy to use. Expect your lashes to stay in place for up to two weeks if you use Kiss lash glue with your Kiss false eyelashes.

Kiss glue liner in clear is especially popular as the pen-shaped applicator makes placing your adhesive on the lash band easy. The glue liner also comes in black for a defined look. Kiss makes a fantastic strip lash adhesive, and Kiss Falscara lashes have their own glue that you can buy separately.

Do Kiss Lashes come with glue?

Some styles of Kiss lashes come with glue, and some don’t. The Kiss Starter Packs always come with glue included. The best way to check if your Kiss lashes come with glue is to check the details. We always provide precise, comprehensive details so you know what you’re getting when buying fake lashes from us.

It would be best always to have extra glue in your bag anyway; you never know when you might need it in an emergency. No one wants a saggy lash band after all, do they?

One of the biggest sellers is the range of Kiss magnetic lashes. Magnetic lashes are so popular because of the number of times they can be reused (if you look after them). Here are some tips on how to use Kiss Magnetic lashes.

How to use Kiss Magnetic Lashes

Using magnetic lashes effectively relies on several factors; sizing correctly, applying the magnetic liner and placing the magnetic lash band is essential, but once you have that mastered, you can keep reusing your magnetic lashes until you decide it’s time for a change.

Applying magnetic lashes is simple ‚ÄĒ follow our step-by-step guide below:

  1. Trim your lash to fit your eye size. Do this by measuring your lashline against the magnetic lash band and trimming accordingly.
  2. Take your magnetic eyeliner and give it a good shake. Shaking will ensure the mixture is ready to use.
  3. Apply the magnetic eyeliner all the way along your lash line.
  4. Let the magnetic eyeliner dry before you apply the magnetic false eyelash.
  5. Adding the eyelash is simple from this point, and the great news is because no glue has been applied, they are easy to take off and trim if required.

Store your magnetic lashes back in the box or package once you have cleaned them of all signs of makeup or magnetic liner. Brush the lashes and ensure they are immaculate and dry before putting them away.


Kiss lashes are a fantastic product, taking you from glum to glam, day to nighttime celebrations, and a day job to downtime in no time. Pucker up, buttercup, say hello to Kiss lashes and goodbye to boring dowdy makeup looks.