Elegant Touch

About Elegant Touch

Elegant Touch is the UK’s leading nail care brand, developed over 40 years ago in London, King’s Road, Chelsea. Chelsea in 1978 was a swinging place, just as it was in the sixties, home to Mary Quant’s boutique, later Chelsea Girl (Top Shop), to name a few.

Kings Road is famous and infamous for fashion, street style and chic branding. This background gave Elegant Touch Nails its edge over other brands. Whether you love their classic branding or new shiny innovations, Elegant Touch false nails are leading the way in cutting-edge nail technology and up-to-date styles to keep your fingernails looking in tip-top condition all day, every day.

Elegant Touch Nails: Home to original nail colours

Elegant Touch pride itself on creating original pre-glued nail colours. Colours you won’t find anywhere else with names that inspire the imagination. Fancy some pre-glued squoval nail in berry blast? Berry Blast is a deep purple-red berry colour, perfect for nighttime glamour or daytime confidence.

By choosing the Elegant Touch press on nails, you can give yourself a French Manicure or indulge in some nail art in no time. If you want to go Goth, Elegant Touch colour false nails in petrol can quickly take you there.

Transform your look with a subdued but elegant almond-shaped pre-glued nail in champagne. These nails have glitter on the tips for a sparkly look. Need some office glamour to take from desk to dance floor, then go with Elegant Touch colour false nails in Nancy.

Nancy is a gorgeous tomato red; the colour is easy to wear but gives a don’t mess with me because I’ve got this vibe. Now you know that Elegant Touch can bring style and quality to your nails, let’s dig deeper and discover the world of Elegant Touch nails and accessories.

How long do Elegant Touch Nails last?

Once you have applied the Elegant Touch nails correctly, you can expect them to last an average of 5–6 days. If you’re careful, you might push the usage to a week. If you’re not careful or prone to damaged nails, the length of time they stay in place could be shorter.

The nails come with glue, which is worth keeping handy in case of accidents or a need to reapply on the go. Elegant Touch makes it easy to replace the nails, so no matter what, you can expect to look and feel great.

Follow the instructions in each box of Elegant Touch pre-glued false nails for maximum wear.

How to apply Elegant Touch Nails?

Once you have chosen your Elegant Touch, press on nails; you can expect to have them on your fingertips in no time — here’s how:

Prepare your natural nails by giving them a once over, push back the cuticles gently with a cuticle pusher, and file the nails into your preferred shape to match your press-on nail (almond, squoval, oval, square).

  • File or buff the natural nail surface for grip.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Clean the nails with nail polish remover to remove any oil.
  • Size the nails. All Elegant Touch pre-glued nails have a number on the underside to make things easier. The numbers help show which side you should apply to your natural nails.
  • Once you have sized your nails, lay them down in the correct order so they don’t get mixed up.
  • Hold the false nail at the tip and apply it at a 45° angle over your real nails.
  • Push the base of the pre-glued nail on gently under the cuticle and hold it down.
  • Press down for 15–20 seconds until the bond or glue has set.

Voilà, you have a perfect set of Elegant Touch nails. So you know, it’s essential to file the surface of the natural nail bed to ensure the pre-glue nail attaches easily and stays put. Cleaning your nails is vital to remove the natural oils that can otherwise stop adhesion but make sure your nails are completely dry before adding your false nails.

Top-tip: Add a little extra glue to the back of your pre-glued nails; this ensures they stay on for as long as possible.

How to remove Elegant Touch Nails?

Now they’re on; you might like to know how to remove them!

The great thing about Elegant Touch nails is that they don’t damage your natural nails; even so, a gap between applications (a few hours is okay) can keep your nails in good condition.

Here’s how you can easily remove the pre-glued nails:

  • Soak your nails in warm soapy water. Warm soapy water helps to loosen the nail. They may loosen up anyway, so you may not need more than this step.
  • Mix a small amount of liquid hand soap in a small bowl with warm water and allow your finger to soak for up to 10 minutes.
  • Remove your hands from the water and begging to peel off the nails.
  • Add cuticle oil if the nails don’t come off quickly (never force them off). Cuticle oil should break down the glue.
  • Wiggle the nails back and forth until they come off.
  • You could use a cuticle pusher to loosen the nails. Use the cuticle pusher from the base to the tip, never the other way around and always be gentle.
  • Once the false nails have been removed, use some nail polish remover to take off any remaining adhesive.

You can go hard-core and soak your nails in nail polish remover, skipping the warm water altogether, but this will almost certainly damage your natural nails. This method is acceptable occasionally, but we wouldn’t recommend the nail polish method regularly.

Once your pre-glued nails have been removed along with any remaining adhesive, treat your nails to a home manicure, apply some cuticle oil and let them breathe overnight.

Can you reuse Elegant Touch Nails?

Here’s some excellent news! Yes! Elegant Touch nails are reusable if properly cared for, they are not single-use items. To get the most out of your pre-glued nails, you must care for them and here’s how…

Take care when removing them; see our comments about removal above. Once you have removed them, clean out any old adhesive from the underside of the false nails. Store them in a clean, dry place, away from moisture and dust.

Wipe them over with some nail polish remover to remove any signs of natural or cuticle oil, and ensure they are completely dry before using them again. Always use Elegant Touch nail glue as the formula corresponds with the false nail composition.


Elegant Touch makes excellent quality pre-glued nails and accessories for every occasion. So get with the program, subscribe to our scheme, and always be ready for a party/meeting/lunch date or any occasion that calls for gorgeous hands.