Ardell Nails

About Ardell Nails

Ardell is one of the founding fathers (or mothers) of the false nail industry. American International Industries own Ardell Nails, along with Ardell Lashes. From humble beginnings in 1984, Ardell has taken the beauty industry by storm.

AII (American International Industries) are well known in the makeup world for its top-quality nail products at competitive home and professional prices. Ardell Nails Nail Addicts are gorgeous press-on nails in many colours and designs to suit all tastes.

Influencers and celebrities alike regularly endorse Ardell false nails. So current and in the moment, Ardell products have been seen on actors in the Barbie and Ken Movie with Margot Robbie.

Hailey Bieber, JLo, Kourtney K Barker and Sabrina Carpenter are Nail Addicts. Worn by so many stars, Ardell’s Instagram page is full of hand mug shots. Ardell false nails are loved by many, and for good reason.

Ardell fake nails come in many glorious colours and styles; they’re simple to apply and last (if you look after your hands). Because Ardell nails are reusable, you can save money. Here are some more details about Ardell’s nails.

Are Ardell Nails reusable?

Yes, Ardell’s nails are reusable. With proper application, Ardell stick-on nails will stay put for up to 2 weeks, but if you want a change before then, you can take them off, clean and store them for use at another time. Always use the matching Ardell nail glue to ensure compatibility.

Applying Ardell false nails is so simple ‚ÄĒ here‚Äôs how‚Ķ

  1. Take your nails out of the packet and turn them over. On the underside of each nail is a number. The number helps you to identify your nails and follow the instructions to show you proper placement.
  2. Clean and buff your natural nails, removing any oil or anything that might stop the glue from working.
  3. Apply a small amount of glue to the surface of your buffed nails.
  4. Place the correct size false nail onto your natural nail and hold for 10 seconds.
  5. You can customise or shape your nails from here to please your style.

You can also apply Ardell false nails with nail tabs instead of glue. Nail tabs are a great alternative to adhesive and make taking the nails on and off easier. Always use Ardell glue or nail tabs, as these are made to match the Ardell nail products.

How do you remove Ardell fake nails?

If you want to remove your fake nails but need help, here is our guide to simple and quick removal to get the most out of your Ardell nails.

The most efficient way to safely remove fake press-on nails is to soak them in warm water with soap or gentle acetone-based remover. After a short time, the glue will break down, and you can easily remove your nails.

If they are proving stubborn to remove, use an orange stick or cuticle pusher to help loosen them. Don’t force the nails off, or you could damage your natural nails.


We love Ardell nails because the styles and colours are so varied you can swap your look quickly. From a day at the races to a night on the tiles.

Ardell Nails says everything about you without giving the game away, from a party person to a part-time influencer, stay-at-home parent to a working full-time. If Harry Styles can successfully rock a false nail, so can you!